Essays, reviews

I'm much obliged to Richard Sams for his proof-reading of the on-line edition and to Andrew Lamb for his valuable help in collecting the material. My grateful thanks to Daniel Paxton for providing free access to the essays and reviews on the Oxford Journals website [OUP].

(ST = Sunday Times; TLS = Times Literary Supplement; N&Q = Notes and Queries; LRB = London Review of Books; THES = Times Higher Education Supplement; Obs = The Observer; Spect = Spectator; Enc = Encounter; Conn = Connotations; NYRB = New York Review of Books; HamS = Hamlet Studies; SQ = Shakespeare Quarterly; LLC = Literary and Linguistic Computing; ShN = Shakespeare Newsletter)

Review of Schoenbaum (ST 1981)
Edmund Ironside: a Reappraisal (TLS 1982)
Letters on “Edmund Ironside” (TLS 1982)
Reply to letters on “Edmund Ironside” (TLS 1982)
Viewpoint: Shakespeare’s text and common sense (TLS 1983)
Dating 'The Shrew' (TLS 1984)
WS His Marks (Times 1984)
Editing Shakespeare (TLS 1985)
Dramatically Different (TLS 1985)
The Timing of the "Shrews" (N&Q 1985)
Pastoral Passions (TLS 1985)
The Shakespeare Mystery (ST 1985)
Shakespeare's 'Lost Years' (TLS 1985)
Play on words passes the test (Obs 1986)
The 'Lost' Shakespeare (ST 1986)
The Bard's Play: Taylor's U-turn (ST 1986)
Shakespeare Nods (LRB 1986)
On "Edmund Ironside" (TLS 1986)
Review of Thompson (N&Q 1986)
Attrib. Shakespeare (Spect. 1986)
Right Playwright (THES 1986)
Shakespeare's Will (TLS 1986)
“Edmund Ironside” (NYRB 1987)
Where There’s a Will… (Enc. 1987)
The Troublesome Wrangle Over King John (N&Q 1988)
The Troublesome Wrangle Over King John (pre-print 1988)
Oxford Shakespeare (LRB 1988)
Taboo or Not Taboo? (HamS 1988)
Review of Ule (N&Q 1987)
A Textual Companion (TLS 1988)
Review of 'Richard II' (TLS 1988)
Word-links in Shakespeare Authorship Studies (LLC 1988)
Shakespeare, or Bottom? (Enc 1989)
Aggro at Agincourt (TLS 1989)
A Plague o' Both Your Houses (Enc 1989)
Reply to Foster's review of Ironside (SQ 1989)
Shakespeare Studies (TLS 1989)
Review of McGee (N&! 1989)
Fatal Fallacy (Enc. 1990)
Mistaken Methodology (LRB 1990)
Prestige and Profit. Review of Taylor (Enc. 1990)
Review of essays on Sir Thomas More (N&Q 1990)
Plain speaking in Illyria (TLS 1991)
Assays of Bias (N&Q 1991)
The Painful Misadventures of 'Pericles' Acts I-II (N&Q 1991)
Review of Craik (N&Q 1991)
"If you have tears...": Oxford and Onions (Conn. 1991)
Shakespeare and the Oxford Imprint (TLS 1992)
“The play's the thing...” (THES 1992)
Review of Nye (TLS 1993)