To Erik Battaglia

A Mentor at Work (Letters 1983-2003)
1. 2 August 1983 (Letter to a boy, Wolf essay)
1 November 1983 (Schwarzkopf, Wolf memorabilia, Vier letzte Lieder, 3rd May)
12 October 1984 (Vienna, Wolf's Kritiken, Michelangelo-Lieder orchestration)
16 May 1985 (Aptitudes, Housman, Keats and Wilde, sensuous consciousness, libretti, Edmund Ironside)
8 August 1985 (Vita activa and contemplativa, Wolf's Italian Serenade, Hesse, Bierbaum, Gruner competition)
7 January 1986 (happiness, seniors and mentors, St Paul, Brahms, modern Lied, Gary Taylor's 'Shall I die?', Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore)
24 September 1986 (Begegnung tempo, Words and Music, Brahms-Chopin, Baudelaire, Schubert topics, Ironside)
29 August 1987 (dark and bright, Wordsworth, Jeremy, Gerald Moore's death, Nieves Hayat, military service, atheism, Edward III)
December 1987 (In rural Essex, memories and mind's eye, sea and blood, Keats, aphorism and motif, variation form, Edmund Ironside in USA)
17 March 1990 (Wolf-Beethoven, various books, Moore and Barenboim, mother's death, Shakespeare)
18 September 1990 (Waxes and waves in creativity, Fischer-Dieskau, Lamb and light music)
10 January 1991 (Wolf and Moore, letter-writing, Rossini and religious music, Tosti)
16 April 1991 (Olaf Bär, [S]Amstrad, least Liszt, Housman, Negative Capability)
24 October 1991 (Computer writing, Pozzoli and Tosti, Celan, Religion, Eppstein, Lieder-teaching, young geniuses, Shaw)
23 November 1991 (Housman, Roquette, Schumann duets, Shakespeare on TLS)
18 February 1992 (Autumnal mood, plans and projects, Carpe Diem, Adorno on recapitulation, ABA, Moore)
25 May 1992 (Tosti, Shakespeare quotations, chess, Pope)
27 January 1993 (Stirb und werde, Nye, Fischer-Dieskau's partners)
10 May 1993 (Memory-lapses, birthday, modern Lied, Bogarde, Hamnet-Hamlet)
27 June 1993 (English song, Tosti)
13 October 1993 (Shakespeare's Handwriting, Brahms, Wagner, Wittgenstein as aphorist, Knaben Wunderhorn, fake folksong, to Austria and Germany)
30 December 1995 (Family and children, Wolf and Gershwin, Italian repertoire and poems)
11 October 1998 (Busoni, Goethe-Willemer)
11 December 2001 (Conan Doyle, Rosenbaum, Brahms book, Jeremy, Goethe-book, Grove)
28 March 2002 (Fischer-Dieskau in Acquasparta, RSII, closure)
50. 26 January 2003 (Allegra, Pozzoli, Rosenbaum, Jeremy and Italy)