History and aesthetics of music, miscell. (Book reviews)

Colin Wilson on Music
The Dancing Chimpanzee by Leonard Williams
Ethos and education in Greek music by Warren D. Anderson
Aural and visual perception of melody in tonal and atonal musical environments by Robert W. Sherman and Robert E. Hill jr
The musical symbol by Gordon Epperson
Music, the arts and ideas by Leonard B. Meyer
Tests of musical ability and appreciation by Herbert Wing
Lectures on the History and Art of Music, 1946-63
The Art of Prolonging the Musical Tone by Colin Brumby
The Why of Music: dialogues in an unexplored region of appreciation by Donald N. Ferguson
A Handbook of Style in Music by George Sherman Dickinson
Tonality and Musical Structure by Graham George
Questions about Music (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures, 1968-9) by Roger Sessions
Five Graphic Music Analyses by Heinrich Schenker
Music and Communication by Terence McLaughlin
Experimental Research in Music by Clifford K. Madsen and Charles H. Madsen Jr
Zur Frage der ästhetischen Inhalt-Form-Relationen in der Musik by Eberhard Lippold
Informationsgehalt und emotionale Wirkung von Musik by Hans Werbik
The Performance of Music by David Barnett
Über Musik und Kritik edited by Rudolf Stephan
Greatness in Music by Alfred Einstein
Psychology of the Arts by Hans Kreitler and Shulamith Kreitler
Investigation into Rhythmic Abilities: rhythmic abilities in children by Rupert Thackray
Schlager in Deutschland edited by Siegmund Helms
Conversations with Klemperer
In Defence of Hanslick by Stewart Deas
Explaining Music: essays and explorations by Leonard B. Meyer
Man and the Musician by Victor Zuckerkandl
The Composer's Voice by Edward T. Cone
Musical Allusions in the Works of James Joyce by Zack Bowen
Cultures, i (1974), no.1. New Patterns of Musical Behaviour
E.T.A. Hoffmann and Music by R. Murray Schafer
Women in Music: a biobibliography by Don L. Nixon and Don Hennessee
Music: a Joy for Life by Edward Heath
The Rise of Romantic Opera by Edward J. Dent
Nabokov: His Life In Part by Andrew Field
Books on Opera
Musikästhetik, ii: Die Romantik und der Kampf ästhetischer Richtungen by Stanislav A. Markus
1975 (1984 minus 9) by Hans Keller
Der Musikfreund: aus den Schriften und Erzählungen des Verfassers der Kreisleriana by E. T. A. Hoffmann
Classic and Romantic Music by Friedrich Blume
Edward J. Dent: Selected Essays ed. Hugh Taylor
Guidelines for Style Analysis by Jan LaRue
The Piano Trio: Its history, technique, and repertoire by Basil Smallman