Eric Sams: Collected Essays (1965-1997) 

Schumann's Year of Song (MT 1965)
Did Schumann use Ciphers? (MT 1965)
Schumann and the Cipher - Letters and Comments (MT 1965)
Hat Schumann in seinen Werken Chiffren benutzt? (NZfM 1966)
The Schumann Ciphers (MT 1966)
The Schumann Ciphers: a coda (MT 1966)
Why Florestan and Eusebius? (MT 1967)
Politics, Literature, People in Schumann’s op.136 (MT 1968)
The Tonal Analogue in Schumann’s music (1970)
A Schumann Primer? (MT 1970)
Schumann’s Hand Injury (MT 1971)
Schumann’s Hand Injury - Some further evidence (MT 1972)
Schumann and Faust (MT 1972)
Thomas Mann and Schumann - Schumann's Health (MT and TLS Letters 1972, 1984)
Elgar’s Cipher Letter to Dorabella (MT 1970)
[Elgar’s cipher table] (1970, prev. unpd.)
Variations on an original theme (Enigma) (MT 1970)
Elgar’s Enigmas (MT 1970)
Elgar’s Enigmas - Letters and Comments (MT 1970)
Elgar’s Enigmas (M&L 1997)
Schubert’s Piano Duets (MT 1976)
Notes on a Magic Flute (MT 1978)
Schubert and OED2 (MT 1979)
Schubert’s Illness Re-examined (MT 1980)
Brahms and his musical love letters (MT 1970)
Brahms and his Clara Themes (MT 1971)
Zwei Brahms-Rätsel (ÖMZ 1972)
Von ewiger Liebe (NZfM 1972)
Freud's Theory of Art (MT 1967)
Notes on a Magic Horn (MT 1974)
Literary Sources of Hugo Wolf’s String Quartets (MN 1974)
Literary Sources of Hugo Wolf's String Quartets (abstract) (RILM 1974)
Peter Cornelius (MT 1974)
Footnotes on a Magic Horn (MT 1975)
Homage to Eduard Mörike (MT 1975)
Eduard Hanslick, 1825-1904 (MT 1975)
Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976 (NS, 1976)
E. T. A. Hoffmann, 1776-1822 (MT 1976)
Maria Callas (NS 1977)