46. 26 March 1993 [ES] (Casals; Nye)

previously unpublished; © the estate of eric sams and beatrice cazac (Mrs. Mathew’s letters)

Dear Hayat,

Thanks for your letter of 21 March. I'm glad you liked young Robert's book. Yes, I had heard that Casals at 78 married a girl of 18. The only other thing I really know about him is that he groaned during slow movements. I can't imagine that these two facts are in any way related!

   It's also a pleasure to learn that you too have reason to think that Nye is the End. Shared enemies are the seal of friendship (old proverb, or if it isn't it ought to be). Nye's feelings on discovering that his misguided campaign was being continued by Freeman should surely have closely resembled those of Sin on giving birth to Death, But I seem to have silenced Freeman, temporarily at least, with the latest TLS salvo, enclosed (which please disregard if I've sent it to you already; my Amstrad is often remiss in failing to keep appropriate records).

   To preserve the same metaphor of weaponry, it seems that Vickers has jammed. I wonder what he finds to do that's so important? The extra time you've thereby been allowed, though, seems to have been beneficial. One can always read and re-read, as I've discovered in doing revised third editions (after about 25 years) of my books on Wolf and Schumann songs. But I've had to restrain my urge towards revision.

   I'm also enclosing a rather tentative piece on 'Hamnet', which may have to be redrafted in the light of further thoughts and contributions in due course. But comments at this stage would of course be welcome, as ever, if you had a moment or two to spare.

Best, as ever,