Petrarch Sonnets (Fischer-Dieskau/Demus)

Petrarch Sonnets set by Reichardt, Schubert; Liszt and Pfitzner. Fischer-Dieskau/ Demus, Moore  


Why make new records? Take already sold ones;

Make a long extract; put new wrapping on it,

Add-a new title; say “The Petrarch Sonnet”;

(You'll find some more among the pigeon-holed ones –


Copyright dates will show which tracks are old ones;

The public can't complain we're trying to con it –

That's not our way at Deutsche Grammophon).

It won't sell a million discs, or earn us gold ones


But now at least we've got new recording.

What? half a side still missing? Fill with Reichardt.

He's currently in vogue among the highbrows.


As culture or as commerce; he's rewarding,

And might attain great heights in the July chart:

If we raise sales, who cares who raises eyebrows?