57. 23 January 1994 [ES] (Signatures; MRA)

previously unpublished; © the estate of eric sams and beatrice cazac (Mrs. Mathew’s letters)

Dear Hayat,

   Thanks for the card, about Tulum revisited. Not only the jungle cities but, if I may say so, you, are shrouded in mystery. I'd never have guessed, not in the thousand years of that civilisation, that you had any affinity with or feeling for things Mayan, feathered serpents (or boas for short) etc. Very enigmatic of you.

   I felt more attuned to the Shakespeare references, even though I've quitted that field in favour of Brahms. It must be nice to have Rosalind for a granddaughter. The nearest I get is that Jeremy has been asked to directHamlet, a project in which I have a special interest, speaking as his father's spirit, or at least the nearest extant approximation of it. I could almost be typecast as the ghost; I certainly feel like a mere shadow of my former self, which is what a ghost actually is, as I understand it (or rather as I don't understand it).

   Speaking of fathers, I see that yours is well represented in the London Library, including at least one inscribed and donated copy.

   While I'm writing I'll enclose the latest TLS contribution to debate (did I send you my own piece about the signatures?). [..] How are things? I trust that they, and you, are well and flourishing. Do you plan to visit these shores? There's an ancient city here called London which may interest you.

   Best as ever,

   yours Eric