70. 12 June 1995 [ES] (Essex; Edward III)

previously unpublished; © the estate of eric sams and beatrice cazac (Mrs. Mathew’s letters)

Dear Havat,

Thanks for yours. I can see I shall have to think hard about Essex etc, when I reach that debâcle. Meanwhile I note that he's almost the only historical personage to whom Shakespeare ever referred (not only H5 but the 'wealthy Andrew' of MV); in incautiously overt admiration, too.

   I wondered what you might think of the enclosed piece, perhaps for the TLS. I always include a last sentence for them to cross out; it makes them feel better. An earlier example was my suggestion for the next trendy swinging with-it Royal Shakespeare Company production, namely Tights Androgynous.


Meanwhile I'm keeping more than usually cheerful, as a counter­balance. We much resemble those quaint figures on mediaeval clock-towers; no two of them are ever out and active together, whenever the clock strikes. Besides, you can't be optimistic with a misty optic, as somebody must have said by now; and I have some cause for mild elation. Thus both my academic referees have recommended publication of my Edward III edition, and Yale will be making the appropriate submission to the relevant committee in due course. Then I'm to give a seminar this autumn at London University, where the book has been quite well received. And dear Graham Johnson says he's arranging a celebratory session of the Songmakers' Almanac for my seventieth birthday, at the Wigmore Hall on May 1 next year. So I feel I haven't lived in vain.

   Farewell for now,

  Yours as ever,