19. 9 August 1986


Dear Nancy,

   What I noticed was that you mentioned that you had made no mention of theology. So it's not far from the surface of consciousness if not central among your active preoccupations. I had a theological thought yesterday, namely that whatever powers that be happen to prevail now must presumably be the same governing body or bodies that have been in operation since the big bang and before, if there was a before. Some vast number of billions of years, at the last count. There's surely something very odd about the idea of a new force injected into time at the last tick of the cosmic clock? The same rules of procedure must surely govern homo sapiens so called as our predecessors in the animal vegetable and mineral kingdom? It's easy to exaggerate the importance of our species, let along our feelings as individuals. Time, that takes survey of all the world, must have a stop. Give context, and discuss.

Love as ever, E.