7 September 1981

Dear Eliot

      (If I may - I seem to recall we had arrived at those terms when we last corresponded) how nice to have been put in touch with you again, and on such a splendid topic too!

      I'm enclosing a copy of Stanley Wells's letter so that you can see how your name came up. I expect his 'adviser' is Kenneth Muir, on whom (if so) you must have made some impression!

      I'm also enclosing a variegated bouquet of pieces in which you were kind enough to express an interest. I think that will be enough for the time being! But if there are any other documents that interest you, you're welcome to copies.

      Speaking of which - may I send your article on the Sonnets (Anais Portugueses) to a correspondent of mine who is working on a book on the sonnets? Cordial regards

     Yours Eric