7. 8 April 1966 (Brown on Schubert)

8th April,

or Karfreitag

without any noticeable Zauber


Dire Andrew,**

   I can't imagine what has happened to this paper; might it be moth, do you suppose?

I've got Klüber back, seen the cover, met Cornelius and handed the examples in. Might the blocks be kept for a bit this time please?

   Perhaps you can find a use for the spare copy of Guidance enclosed; I've acquired one for myself, as advised.

   I've had a nice letter from Maurice J.P. Brown not about bar–lines, but saying thank you for the review and explaining that he has had in mind for come years now to include some thoughts on Schuber't's musical language in a book on the songs, and hopes I won't think he's plagiarising my Wolf book; Indeed I won't.

   Did I understand you to say that you hadn't read Erik Smith's article on appoggiature? I'm enclosing my copy (which I'd be grateful to have back some time) just in case you haven't and might like to.

   And may have, as you kindly offered, a preview of review of Martin Cooper's book?

   Yours ever




**'This should of course read "Dear Andrew"; the cutting was quite painless, and the result an improvement, and I really am most grateful for all your help.