13. 23 January 1967 (Italian formalities; Wolf article on La Musica)

Dear Andrew,

   There seem to be these Italians, who are understandably unsure whether to call me "Illustrious Professor Sams" or "Egregious Doctor Sams". My children think the latter is slightly funnier, though both seem to them wholly hilarious.

   And now, to cap it all, they're wishing me "migliori ossequi", which I suppose must mean "Decent burial".

   This is all to do with a resplendent new four-volume encyclopaedia called La Musica. With the exception of the enclosed sample all the articles are by well-known experts. Some of them seem to be quite good, all the same.

   There can't be many people whose own knowledge is encyclopaedic enough to comment on it – and who also read Italian.

   Your review is awaited with great interest.

   Yours ever