1. 7 February 1969 [AW]


I hope you don't feel neglected. The fact is, I've had an unusually tough time in finding suitable contributors, and I'm still not out of the wood. But the situation is healthier than when I last wrote to you, and I can at least tell you that as far as your own contribution is concerned I'm firmly committed to the idea of an essay on theCypher. Fabers don't mind this, providing they publish your book first, which they will.

   Regarding terms, Barrie & Rockliff propose to write to all the contributors simultaneously, so you won't hear from them until the team is all lined up – another 3 or 4 weeks I guess. They are working on an arrangement whereby the contributors will receive a down payment of 6 gns per thousand words on receipt of copy which will be an advance of royalties, further instalments of which become payable on all sales over 4,000 copies.

   Let's get together again fairly soon and talk about the form your essay might take – if, that is, you're prepared to write for this pittance.

   All good wishes,