5. 7 July 1970 [AW]

Dear Eric,

   Thank you for your article, and for your covering letter.

   A preliminary glance through the typescript (carried out, admittedly, over the breakfast-table between heavy gulps of Kellogs 'K') tells me that it should do very nicely for the Symposium.

   It reads very well (I've always liked your prose style) and what it says makes admirable sense.

   So, unless you hear further from me within the next 48 hours (I propose a second, fuller reading over the dinner-table which is going to be a good deal more tricky as we're having Chicken Maryland and Brussels sprouts), consider it officially accepted.

   I may want to suggest one or two minor modifications at a later stage – such as a few more music examples, with consequent adjustments to the linking text – but nothing drastic.

   All being well, you'll get a cheque from Barrie & Jenkins within two weeks.

   Kind regards,
   Sincerely, Alan



P.S. Yes - I know Graham George quite well. Fabers brought me in as consultant editor to his new book. Miraculously, we finished up good friends, despite exchanging some hard intellectual blows en route. The last time I saw him was in Kingston, Ontario, where I paid him a flying visit last year.