6. 18 July 1970 [ES]

Dear Alan,

That's funny – I've heard of editors and publishers asking for – indeed, demanding – a reduction in the number of music examples; but t takes you (nothing if not original) to ask for more.  Well, so be it. But – (a) may I have the text back for that purpose, since my only other copy of it is with the RMA Proceedings editor? (who incidentally is very good, as I may have mentioned) and (b) would you like at the same time to make come suggestions as to the (no doubt innumerable) places where the text might be appropriately enlivened by further exemplification? We aim to please.

   I have a terrible feeling, by the way, that I'm going to be type-cast opposite Prof. George in the role of Dragon. The musicianship seems so good, and the writing, argument and presentation so bad, that I think you must have been consultant music editor. But if I'm wrong about that, please don't tell me!

   yours ever