9. 26 October 1970 [ES]

Dear Alan,

   With pleasure; as I said, you're very welcome to any information I have – though it confessedly has lacunae, and nowhere more palpably so than in the area of personalia. But here goes.


Marianne Bargiel, née Tromlitz, 1797-1872

            (her son Waldemar, 1828-97 )

Barth, Johann (or ? Wilhelm) Ambrosius,1790-1851

     (Barth, Gustav, who was for a short time the Vienna correspondent of Schumann's Zeitschrift, 1812, 1897)

Carus, Ernst August, 1795-1854

(his wife Agnes 1804-1839; his ?father Karl was 1774-1842, a Zwickau merchant)

Döhner, Gotthilf Ferdinand, 1790-1866


I can tell you in addition that Dr. Glock died c. 1860 in Ostheim. However, for him as for Hasenclever Richarz and Rudel I think you will either have to content yourself with a floruit or else dip deep into medical and mercantile annals.

   The data above come from Bötticher (II), Jansen, Wörne, Kreisig. Bötticher (I) (1941) may help, but I don't possess a copy.

   I'll make a note of the further dates needed and have another look when I'm next in the BM for example.

   Let me know if there's anything else I can do in the meanwhile.

   yours ever Eric