16. 23 November 1970 [AW]

Dear Eric,

   So there are still travelling problems. Let me suggest Arthur Davison, an excellent violinist (and teacher), who conducts the Croydon Youth Orchestra and lives at:


   As for Schumann, we seem to have enough talking points to extend across three lunches. 'That finger', as you put it, certainly is interesting. I'm currently investigating (with the help of my long-suffering G.P.) the possibility of mercury poisoning. Mercury, as you know, was among the substances Schumann took in his efforts to effect a cure. Above a certain level, mercury can be lethal since, I'm told, the body cannot discharge it. Eventually, it builds up and destroys the central nervous system. Still, it's early to abandon Slater and Meyer. After all, they have put forward the most convincing diagnosis to date – even if the opposition is ropey

   More anon.