20. 2 April 1971 [AW]

Dear Eric,

   Thank you for that useful information regarding the C major Fantasy. Although you extended the argument well beyond its original boundaries, I have put all of it in. What contradictions there are among the various translations of Schumann's letters!

   You kindly agreed to look through the complete catalogue of Schumann's works which I have prepared for our Symposium. Here it is, or a copy of it. Don't hesitate to mark it in whatever way you wish. The various typing mistakes have been put right on the top copy. I must be held responsible for the disposition of the material – especially for all the main categories. The underlying principle (and I know how much you admire underlying principles) is easy usage. The disposition of the categories in Grove V, as you know, reflects only their house-style. My four main sources are:


(1) The Complete Catalogue (reprinted by H. Baron in 1966);

(2) Grove V;

(3) Robert Schauffler;

(4) Niecks


Where there is conflict (and there is surprisingly little) I have consulted the printed score. Have a field day!

   All good wishes,
     Kind regards, Alan


P.S. That was a splendid talk you recorded the other day.